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We offer solutions for Healthier Mountain Living

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Residential Oxygen Enrichment

Oxygen Enrichment is a luxury comfort system that enhances the homeowner experience by making the home more inviting, comfortable & hospitable to all guests from all elevations.  By selecting Invigor8 Air Design to oxygen enrich your bedrooms, you can provide you and your guests more restful sleep, increased energy, and no altitude sickness.

Even if you are a full-time resident at altitude, every time you leave the mountains and come back, the acclimation process essentially starts over.  Our oxygen enrichment system can help to ease the acclimation process every time that you come back to the mountains, regardless of being a full-time or part-time mountain resident.

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Commercial Oxygen Enrichment

Oxygen Enrichment for Condos 

Invigor8 Air Design has extensive experience with resort, townhome, and condo projects.  We are proud to have been a part of the following projects:  Empire Residences, Residences at the Tower Club by Talisker, Ironwood at Empire Pass, Nakoma, & Deer Pointe.

Oxygen Enrichment for Hospitality

Oxygen Enrichment can differentiate your hotel or resort by offering your guests a good night's rest.  A healthy, oxygen enriched room commands a premium above regular room rates.

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Industry-leading duct and air sealing technology that improves the lives of people world-wide by delivering comfort, healthy air, and substantial energy savings.


For over 20 years AeroSeal has improved hundreds of thousands of homes as well as hospitals, hotels, and universities.

Get comfortable, breathe healthier air, save money and protect the planet with our simple solution.

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