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Commercial Oxygen Enrichment for Resorts & Hospitality

Oxygen Enrichment for Resorts

Invigor8 Air Design has the experience and resources to produce high-quality, customized commercial oxygen enrichment systems for resorts, townhomes, condos, and any MDU (multi-family dwelling unit) project.


Our in-house CAD Design department ensures that every aspect of the system is well-planned, expertly designed, thoroughly communicated, and completed on time and on budget.  Including Invigor8 Air Design's Oxygen Enrichment System during the planning stage simplifies the process when owners want to add oxygen to their home.  It also presents a tremendous opportunity to offer upgrades.

Below are some of the resort projects that we are proud to be part of.

Oxygen Enrichment for Hospitality

Offering your guests a good night sleep in an Invigor8 Air Design altitude controlled room is a natural fit for your luxury mountain resort.  You are already offering guests a great experience with a comfortable room, world-class food, and a relaxing spa, so why not add a healthy, oxygen enriched bedroom to their experience?


Our system offers a proactive way to address problems that many guests will have in the mountains.  At elevations of 6,000 feet, many people will experience insomnia, and approximately 50% will experience some symptoms of altitude sickness. There is no need for a guest to have an unpleasant experience, when they can have a great night of sleep at the same oxygen levels found at low altitude.

Our system installs seamlessly in the bedroom, and in-room sensing keeps each room individually set at the perfect elevation throughout the night, so that your guests awaken refreshed and ready for their best experience.

Our system can be installed in existing projects and new projects.  Our team is highly experienced in working with architects, builders and developers to integrate our system into the building design.

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