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Invigor8 Air Design installs the
best oxygen enrichment systems

The Invigor8 Air Design Difference:

⦿ Safety Inspected — Our oxygen enrichment machinery is approved by OSHA. Our air separation cubes are individually safety inspected and stamped by ARL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory for OSHA.  Look for the ARL Field Evaluated stamp to know that your oxygen enrichment system is safe.


⦿ Direct Venting — Our oxygen enrichment system directly vents both heat and depleted air.  All oxygen enrichment systems produce heat in the equipment room. By direct-venting our equipment, all heat and depleted air is directly exhausted from the house, air separation is optimal, and equipment life is extended.

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⦿ CAD Design — Before anything is manufactured & installed, we engineer, plan, document and communicate. Our CAD plans show the rooms being oxygen enriched, oxygen outlet locations, sensor locations, and coordinate the involvement of all subcontractors.  Everyone is on the same page and unified to install the highest quality oxygen enrichment system.


⦿ Never subcontracted — Our factory-trained and certified technicians will professionally install your system.

⦿ 100% Local — We are locally owned and operated.

⦿ 2-year Warranty — Industry-leading 2-year replacement warranty. covering equipment, parts and labor. We do not make you wait for repairs; we will immediately replace it with new equipment.

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Our system is designed exclusively for Oxygen Enrichment

Our oxygen enrichment system is designed & engineered from the ground up for oxygen enrichment.  Our system adds the optimal amount of oxygen to your rooms, and does not remove oxygen from your rooms.

Other oxygen systems were designed for athlete and pilot training, and their oxygen extraction mode can remove oxygen from rooms.

Invigor8 Air Design offers a system that is purpose-built for oxygen enrichment, providing peace of mind that our system will safely provide the perfect amount of oxygen to your rooms.

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