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Feel your best
at Altitude.

Oxygen enrich your mountain home for restful sleep,
more energy, and to feel better.

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Altitude is problematic!

30-50% of people visiting the mountains, especially when you fly right in and drive straight up, will experience some symptoms of acute mountain sickness.

The perfect amount of oxygen is at sea level.  As you travel up into higher altitudes, the air pressure decreases and the air thins. At altitude, lower oxygen levels can cause headaches, nausea, and fatigue. Many do not sleep well at higher elevations as breathing becomes faster and shallow and the brain wakes you up to remind you to breathe.

Some feel out of breath, weak and are unable to acclimate. Aging can further compromise the body's ability to process thin mountain air.

Due to altitude, Park City and other mountain resort communities, have up to 30% less oxygen available to breathe compared to sea level.


Now you can wake up in the mountains
Feeling Refreshed and Energetic, and live
the Mountain Life you deserve!

Mountains Meet Lake

Invigor8 Air Design has the solution!

Our oxygen enrichment system adds oxygen to your bedroom, providing the comparable oxygen levels found at low altitude, so that you can sleep and feel as well in the mountains as you do at sea level.

According to the CDC, sleeping at elevation produces hypoxemia (low blood oxygen), which makes this the most important and effective time for the body to receive oxygen.

Sleeping in an oxygen enriched environment can increase your ability to get a restful night's sleep.  Six to eight hours of oxygen enrichment at night can alleviate altitude sickness while providing a better, restful sleep, resulting in more energy throughout the day.

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"We love coming in from a long day of skiing and relaxing in our bedroom with our oxygen system on.  Our vacations are usually short and love that we don’t have to spend as many days trying to adjust to the thin air."

Phillip D. — Park City, Utah


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