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Our clients control their altitude
from their Mobile Devices

Select your perfect elevation with our Altitude Solutions App

⦿ Our App runs on Apple and Android mobile devices, and communicates directly with our controller.  No 3rd party apps required.

⦿ Our system is controlled from mobile devices that you already have.  No bulky, proprietary touch panels required.

⦿ Rooms are easily controlled individually or together from your mobile device--no need to walk into every room to make adjustments.

⦿ In room sensors seamlessly blend into the room's decor, connect to the controller and ensure that your bedroom is kept at the perfect oxygen level.  These high-quality zirconium oxide sensors offer up to a 10-year life expectancy.

⦿ Easily selectable modes put you in control of your home's altitude :

Set Percentage to dial in the exact oxygen level / altitude.


Acclimate is a program to ease the acclimation process.


Recovery mode provides a night of maximum oxygen for sport or alcohol recovery


⦿ Other control system options are available, and oxygen control can be integrated with your home's lighting control or automation system so that it automatically runs when rooms are occupied.

Health & Safety Standards

  • Our oxygen enrichment machinery is approved by OSHA. Our air separation cubes are individually safety inspected and stamped by ARL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory for OSHA.  Look for the ARL Field Evaluated stamp to know that your oxygen enrichment system is safe.

  • We follow all OSHA, NFPA, & CDC guidelines for fire safety, air quality, and oxygen safety.

  • Oxygen is a non-flammable gas and our systems do not increase the fire danger of your home.

  • Our system can be tied into your security and fire suppression systems, and if these systems are triggered it will shut down oxygen enrichment.

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