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Our clients live in the mountains
and sleep near sea level

Image by Sean Oulashin

The best sleep happens at sea level

  • This is because the perfect amount of oxygen starts at sea level.

  • When you gain altitude, by coming to the mountains, the atmospheric pressure decreases, and the air is less concentrated.

  • As a result of the air being thinner, each breath that you take at higher altitude contains less oxygen molecules than at lower altitude.

Most mountain resorts in North America have about 30% less oxygen available to breathe compared to sea level.

Altitude disrupts sleep

Insomnia, the inability to sleep, is one of the most frequent complaints of being at high altitude, and is characterized by:

  • Poor sleep quality

  • Increased awakenings

  • Frequent, brief arousals

  • Nocturnal hypoxemia (inadequate oxygenation of the blood)

  • Periodic Breathing


Essentially, unstable breathing patterns cause the brain to wake itself up because the body is not getting enough oxygen.  This cycle disrupts rebuilding and rejuvenation, repeats frequently, and the lack of sleep compounds problems the next day.

Many people, even permanent mountain residents have difficulty sleeping, despite being acclimatized.

Six to eight hours of oxygen enrichment at night can resolve this, providing a better, restful sleep, resulting in more energy throughout the day.

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Periodic Breathing

High altitude periodic breathing is clusters of breaths that are separated by periods of apnea (not breathing).  Faster breathing is one of the first responses that the body has to high-altitude, as the lungs try to keep up with less oxygen.  This rapid breathing expels CO2 to low levels that tell the brain that it does not need to breathe.

It is a vicious cycle of sleep that is interrupted by periods of breathing, not breathing, gasping for air, waking, dosing off.

Invigor8 Air Design's Oxygen Enrichment system can create the same oxygen levels found near sea level, which can eliminate altitude sickness, and symptoms associated with it, including insomnia and periodic breathing.  

There is no need for you or your guests to experience this, as we offer a simple solution.
Invigor8 Air Design's Oxygen Enrichment System makes your home more inviting, comfortable & hospitable to all guests from all elevations.  

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