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Residential Oxygen Enrichment

Oxygen Enrichment for Vacation Home Owners

Many of our clients are second home owners who have purchased or built a home in the mountains, and spend the majority of their time at lower elevations at or near sea level.  They come up to their mountain home for holidays and weekends, rapidly ascending several thousand feet in a few short hours.

“30-50% of people visiting the mountains, especially when you fly right in and drive straight up
will experience some symptoms of acute mountain sickness”
This sudden change of altitude does not give the body time to acclimate to the lower oxygen levels in the mountains.  While some people may never fully acclimate, many people mostly acclimate in about 3 days, with full acclimation taking 40+ days.  During that period, many experience mild symptoms of altitude sickness, and still more experience insomnia due to thin air.  If someone is in town for a 3-day weekend, they may never get a good night of rest, and leave feeling exhausted.
There is no need for you or your guests to experience this, as we offer a simple solution. You have taken control of your homes climate, shades, and lighting; now you can take control of your home's altitude.  Investing in an Invigor8 Air Design Oxygen Enrichment System makes your home more inviting, comfortable & hospitable to all guests from all elevations.  
Oxygen Enrichment for Permanent Residents
Many permanent residents of mountain homes frequently travel to lower elevations for business, vacations, and long weekends.  While away at lower elevations, the body is hard at work acclimating to the new lower elevation.  Being acclimated to the mountains is not something that the body holds on to, as it is always adapting to our current elevation and environment.  When coming back to the mountains, the acclimation process for high altitude essentially starts over, and insomnia can be a common experience for a permanent resident returning from lower elevations.

Many mountain homes are built to be future retirement homes, and homeowners can find that their needs change over time.  Our bodies try and compensate for the decreased oxygen available at altitude by increasing heard and breathing rates, which puts additional stress on the body.  Despite being healthy and fit, our bodies become less efficient as we age, and less able to handle the additional stress of altitude.

There is no need to put yourself through this, as investing in an Invigor8 Air Design Oxygen Enrichment System helps ease the re-acclimation process, and can help you live your best life at altitude.

Oxygen Equipment Room

Industrial-grade air separation equipment is expertly installed in a mechanical, crawl, attic, garage or other space.

     ⦿ Mountain air is drawn in and filtered at least twice.

     ⦿ Oxygen is separated out using advanced molecular sieve technology.

     ⦿ Fresh oxygen is silently transported, through oxygen-grade tubing, to each room being enriched.

     ⦿ Heat and oxygen depleted air is immediately vented outside of the home--no additional equipment room cooling is required with our direct venting system.

     ⦿ Equipment is quiet, sound attenuated, and the most energy efficient available.

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Oxygen Enriched Rooms

     ⦿ Oxygen ports allow oxygen to silently enter the room and rapidly disperse, lowering the room's elevation by 5,000-7,000 feet in a well sealed room.

     ⦿ Our controller monitors and regulates the oxygen level via in-room sensing that discretely fits into the room's decor.

     ⦿ The enrichment process fills the room with the perfect amount of oxygen to simulate near sea level conditions.

     ⦿ You are not receiving oxygen through a cannula; nothing attaches to your body.

     ⦿ The oxygen enrichment process happens while you sleep, so that you can sleep better, feel better, an have more energy at altitude.

Direct Oxygen

     ⦿ While portable oxygen concentrators, cannulas, canned air, and oxygen bars will not help you sleep better at altitude, a built-in direct oxygen station does have a place in a home.

     ⦿ Some people need immediate oxygen when they first arrive at high-altitude.  Others enjoy having immediate, periodic access to an oxygen headset after a long day of skiing through a convenient built-in headset location.

     ⦿ An oxygen headset installed at a bar, nook, office, or ski lounge offers a convenient and hygienic way to receive immediate, direct oxygen for 20-30 minute intervals, with auto turn off. 

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Oxygen Enrichment for Gyms

     ⦿ Exercise capacity is reduced at high altitude due to a lack of oxygen.

     ⦿ Supplemental oxygen during or after physical activity can promote quicker muscle recovery by increasing blood circulation, reducing lactic acid build up and easing subsequent muscle soreness.

     ⦿ It is much easier to work out at sea level than at high elevation, so why not lower your exercise room to near sea level and make it easier for you and your guests to keep fit at altitude.

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