Feel Your Best at Altitude

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Wouldn't it be great if your next visit to Park City could be spent skiing the slopes, instead of sitting on the couch?

Living or visiting high altitude locations, like Park City, can often lead to oxygen hypoxia, more commonly knows as "altitude sickness." Decreased oxygen levels at higher elevations can cause many health issues such as headaches, insomnia, nausea and fatigue.

We specialize in creating oxygen enriched environments in high altitude locations to help people acclimatize.

Don't let the high altitude ruin your next adventure in the mountains. Lessen or even prevent symptoms of altitude sickness by creating an oxygen enriched environment in your mountain home. This cutting edge amenity lowers the perceived elevation of your bedroom which can promote quicker acclimatization to higher elevations.

How it Works

Invigor8 Air design's exclusive Oxyspace Oxygen Enrichment System is the latest technology developed by our team of engineers and scientists. Our system works by capturing oxygen from ambient air and redistributing it to selected locations throughout your home.

All oxygen generation takes place using our custom built machinery. Pressurized storage tanks or oxygen deliveries will never be necessary. through our custom formulas, we are able to calculate the exact amount of oxygen needed to alter the perceived altitude of a given space.

Each OxySpace system is custom designed for you and your home's exact needs. Controls for the system can either be integrated with your home automation system, or simple in-room switches can be installed. Lowering your homes "elevation" can be as easy as pushing a button.

Contact us today and set yourself free to enjoy all that Park City has to offer!

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